H2Oasis Swim Program

Lesson Assessments
Lesson Assessments give parents a chance to bring their child in to be skill tested by one of our qualified Water Safety Instructors. Staff will evaluate the proper level placement and give parents a recommendation for level placement. If a child is registered in the incorrect class, every effort will be made to place them into a class of an appropriate level, but cannot be guaranteed. Individuals who hold a certification card from the American Red Cross do not need to attend a Lesson Assessment. Below is a guideline for parents on level placement:

How to decide what level to enroll my child

Can your child put their face in the water comfortably?
Yes – Continue No – Level 1

Can they do a front and back float without assistance?
Yes – Continue No – Level 1

Can they combine arm and leg actions on front and back independently?
Yes – Continue No – Level 2

Do they know how to tread water?
Yes – Continue No – Level 2

Can they do Freestyle 10 yards, take a breath, and continue swimming without stopping?
Yes – Private Swim Lessons No – Level 3

Do they know elementary backstroke? Can they flutter, scissor, dolphin, and breaststroke kick?
Yes – Private Swim Lessons No – Level 3

Private Swim Lessons – Ages 3 years old and up

Private Swim Lessons are 30 minutes in length, for eight lessons, and are available for all skill levels ages 3 and up. Classes are held outside of normal group lesson times. Classes are set up between the student and aquatic staff. For more information, please contact

Dates:                                                            Times:
Session 1: June 2 – 12                   9:00AM – 9:45AM
Session 2: June 16 – 26                 9:50AM – 10:35AM
Session 3: July 7 – 17                     10:40AM – 11:25AM

Things for Parents to Remember

  • Each day, please have your child take a cleansing shower and have a seat in the Cabana area until their class begins.
  • For those with small children who are not yet toilet trained, please wear a tight fitting non-disposable swim diaper or rubber pants to prevent accidents in the pool. Swim diapers are available to purchase at the Ticket Office.
  • On the first day, we will evaluate each student’s skills in order to ensure they are in the correct class level. If there is not space, we may ask you to enroll your child for a different class session so as not to hold back the learning of other students.
  • Class Times: Preschool and Private Swim Lessons last 30 minutes; Levels 1-3 last 45 minutes.
  • We ask that parents monitor all student-swimming lessons from a distance that permits clear observation without distracting your child or interfering with the lesson. Parents are encouraged to practice with their children outside of class to enhance individual learning.
  • We ask that you help us to reinforce the primary safety rule that requires your child to always seek permission from an instructor prior to entering the water to swim. Likewise, please remain accessible to your child during the lesson in case they require your assistance.
  • Please pick up your child promptly at the end of each lesson.
  • We spend the first few minutes of each covering a safety topic and the last 5 minutes of each class playing as a reward for their hard work. The exception to this is the Private Swim Lessons and Preschool classes.
  • At the end of your swim lesson if you would like to stay for open swim please purchase a day pass at the Ticket Office if you’re not a Season Pass Holder to Splash.
  • MAKE UPS/REFUNDS: We do not do make up lessons if you must miss a lesson. If for some reason we must cancel lessons we will try to schedule a make-up or refund that lesson. We will try to notify participants of cancellations ahead of time. If at least 25 minutes of the lesson is complete, we will not make up the lesson. If less than 25 minutes of the lesson is complete, it will be made up on the following Friday.
  • NO CHANGING ON DECK: this is for child/patron privacy and health codes.
  • Please pull long hair back and out of the face.
  • GOGGLES and SWIM CAPS are optional; make sure if your child wears goggles, that they do not cover the nose.
  • Depending on enrollment classes may be divided or combined.

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